Über die Alcadon Gruppe

Alcadon was founded in Sweden in 1988 with the sole purpose of providing top of the line premium products for network infrastructure and data communication. Through value-added distribution, rep- resenting world leading manufacturers, the stage was set to enable the digitalization of society.

During the early nineties Alcadon established own product development capabilities with an evolved strategy of becoming a competence centre within network infrastructure. ECS, European Cabling System, was developed with in-house product development and outsourced production. ECS, to this day, remain the market leading cabling system in the Nordic premium segment.

With a business model characterized by a mix of value-added distribution and product development Alcadon participated, and took a leading part, in the Swedish and Norwegian 3G-, and later 4G, roll- outs drawing benefit from several years in related fields.

Owned by American MRV Communications 1997-2012, Alcadon ventured into the field of active equipment, complementing an already strong portfolio of passive systems. As part of DistIt 2012- 2016 Alcadon could further enhance capabilities in related fields and ventured into FTTH and the data centre segment. Two fields growing in importance over time and within Alcadon’s fields of core competence.

In 2016 Alcadon was listed as an independent company, with strong, long term ownership and a significant employee ownership which lasts still today. As an independent company acquisitions of CableCom in Norway and Dataconnect and Svagströmsmateriel in Sweden further strengthened the Group’s geographical footprint. Residential Networks, a business area closely related to the Group’s existing core competence was also formed through the acquisitions and new strong partner relation- ships were forged. This enabled Alcadon’s strong presence in the Nordic FTTH roll-out in 2010s. The acquisition of 6X International, in Denmark and Germany, in 2021, followed a modernization of the company 2019-2020. The acquisition of 6X International was truly transformative in bringing Alcadon to Europe. This was also the start of the Group’s European growth agenda which took yet another transformative step with the acquisition of Networks Centre in the UK and the Netherlands in 2022.

Until this day, Alcadon has always been profitable, maintained strong market positions and have quickly adapted to changing market environments. Customers and employees alike have shown a great loyalty to Alcadon Group over time and forged close bonds while creating a strong culture with clear traits.

With our true stars, our employees, we have always focused on being trustworthy and solution-oriented, working closely with our partners and making sure Alcadon is the best long-term choice.

We aim to continue our journey in the same manner – join us.

Sonny Mirborn
Chief Exectutive Officer
Alcadon Group AB

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