Environmental responsibility

Most of our impact on the environment derives from the transport of goods, energy consumption, waste and packaging. We are working actively to minimize our impact on the environment in all of these areas. The environmental impact is also taken into account in the selection of  transport alternatives and electricity suppliers.
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Working conditions

Products shall be manufactured under acceptable working conditions by suppliers who take responsibility for the working environment. The best way to influence and contribute to a positive development is to establish close and long-term relationships with our suppliers. By supporting our suppliers, we aim to motivate them to assume considerable responsibility themselves, for people and their working conditions.


Companies within the Alcadon Group strive to conduct their operations with as little environmental impact as possible. Both as companies and individuals, we all have a great responsibility for our common environment. Therefore, we are constantly working to improve our practices relating to environmental issues and quality.

We shall, therefore,

  • Enhance knowledge and raise awareness of environmental issues with all our employees.
  • Influence, make demands on and cooperate with other companies, suppliers, authorities and organizations.
  • Look at environmental improvement activities as investments.
  • At all times endeavour to improve the use of our resources in the company.

Environmental Organization Since 2001, an Environmental Manager is responsible for handling environmental issues. The Environmental Manager’s role is to enhance the coordination and integration within the operations and with our suppliers. Our environmental practices include projects and activities that relate to all operations in the different companies. To achieve harmonization and standardization of our quality management in the long-term, an integration is underway as part of our business development.

Action plan We have established an action plan based on our objectives. The action plan comprises the following:

  • Source separation of waste; we sort our waste and recycle paper.
  • Energy-saving measures; it is a defined objective to increase the use of computers and appropriate software to reduce paper consumption when disseminating information to staff, customers and suppliers. Where possible, the companies use energy-saving lamps in lighting fixtures.
  • Green purchasing; it is a defined objective to always take environmental aspects into account when purchasing products to be used in the operations, from vehicles and fuel to copying paper and pens. This has resulted in a transition to more environmentally friendly products. Compliance with the obligations is essential, and is a topic of discussion during staff meetings.
  • Environmental requirements on our products and services; the products and services we bring to market must be made of recyclable or recycled materials, wherever possible. An objective for the companies to pursue is to phase out any products that are not manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner or contain environmentally harmful substances from the operations. We are a member of FTI, the Swedish business sector’s solution to handle the producer responsibility for packaging of plastic, metal, paper/cardboard and corrugated board. FTI’s task is to provide all companies access to the nationwide recycling system for packaging. By being a member of FTI, we meet the obligations imposed upon us pursuant to the Packaging Ordinance.

We are also a member of El-Kretsen, which is the Swedish business sector’s service company tasked with fulfilling the producer responsibility with regard to electrical and electronic products and batteries. El-Kretsen’s operations is based on the WEEE directive and the legislation underpinning the producer responsibility. The supervisory authority responsible for supervising compliance with the regulation is the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

The company has also obtained certification from El-Kretsen. The certificate provides employees and customers a guarantee that the companies’ products are properly recovered and recycled and ensures our commitment to do what we can to protect the earth’s resources.

  • Environmental requirements on our suppliers; one of the company’s environmental objectives is to exert influence on its major suppliers to take environmental aspects into account in their production and operations at all times.
  • Use of the best possible fuel and recuced fuel consumption; one of the environmental objectives established for the operations provides that the best possible fuel should be used and that measures must be taken to reduce fuel consumption.
  • Environmental information to employees, customers and suppliers; all employees shall be aware of the company’s environmental objectives. Staff meetings will regularly include follow-ups and dissemination of new information. By means of oral and written communication, our customers are kept informed about our continuous environmental efforts. We maintain a permanent dialogue with our suppliers about improvements of environmental impact.

Responsible for CSR and environmental matters at Alcadon Group AB is Paul Svensson psv@alca.se