Alcadon Group AB

Vision & business concept

By 2025, Alcadon will be a reputableEuropean premium partner operating in carefully selected business areas related to the digitalization of society.

Kommersiella Fastighetsnät

Commercial property networks

  • Structured cabling systems
    – Offices
    – Industry
    – Public and hospital buildings
  • MPO systems
    – Data centers
    – Server farms
    – Co-location
  • Active communication equipment
    – Switches
    – Routers
    – Wireless

Residential networks

  • New production and renovation, conversion and extension work
  • Complete solutions for residential data communication
  • Complete solutions for  electricity and data in residential properties

Fiber networks/FTTx

  • Wide area networks/city networks
    – Railways
    – Energy companies
    – Municipalities
    – Cities
  • Broadband networks
    – municipalities
    – City Networks
  • Service provider networks
    – ISPs
    – Telecommunication providers


  • Training
  • Network design
  • Troubleshooting
  • Fiber welds
  • Measuring instruments, copper/fiber
  • Fiber blowing equipment
  • Rental

The strength of the concept

The strength of Alcadon’s business concept lies in extensive competence and long experience in data and network communications. The company offers cost-efficient solutions, first-class service and support.

By means of the best components and products sourced from world-leading suppliers, Alcadon offers a wide range of products for both passive and active infrastructure. With this product portfolio, the company is able to assist customers and provide comprehensive solutions that takes account of future network technology. Alcadon has developed ECS (European Cabling Systems), a structured cabling system for passive infrastructure in properties and industrial sites, supplied by the company since 1995.

Alcadon’s business model is to act as distributor  to installers, telecommunications operators, system integrators and major end users.

Advantages of Alcadon

Alcadon’s strength is our extensive expertise and long experience in network infrastructure. Alcadon can offer its customers and partners cost-efficient solutions, superior service and support, high availability, speedy delivery and competitive prices. This is achieved with a large range of products for both active and passive infrastructure, by means of the best components and products from world-leading suppliers as well as private label products and in-house product development. To ensure a high security of supply and availability for our customers, Alcadon has offices and warehouses in Sweden, Denmark ,Norway and Germany.

Since the inception in 1988, we have established offices, subsidiaries and sales organizations throughout the Nordics. . Alcadon has approximately 2,800 active customers and supplies more than 5,000 products.

Alcadon will continue to identify new product segments and successful products by internal product development and in cooperation with our world-leading partners develop over time.